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Søren Andreasen - Barefoot Memories unn002

barefoot memories is the first solo album from søren andreasen featuring 7 tracks in the style of playful and dreamy folktronica. It consists of violin, guitar, trompet and melodica among others; everything carefully treated with many late hours of laptop editing and countless cops of coffee.

"I wanted to create something more organic than what I've been doing previously, and since I've been increasingly focused on sound and timbres, that was an important thing for me to focus on as well. 2011 was for me a somewhat dramatic year. I got my admission accepted for a very intersting school in Denmark and had to move from my girlfriend in Bergen to attend this bachelor in sound design. I guess these mixed feelings of excitement and loss kind of messed my head up a bit and that's probably some of what barefoot memories' contain. besides that, this is also a tribute to the childhood which I admire so endlessly much.

the first inspiration came from an endless amount of old photographs, that I looked through in order to get a better understanding of my father; who passed away too early. As I wandered through them, new and undiscovered photos kept appearing all the time and I ended up deep inside the past of my father - whom I've always thought of as one of my best friends and "teachers".

When writing the music I would hang the photos all around my work area, so emotionally it became a mash-up of memories from my own childhood together with impressions of my dad's past."

the tracks are all made throughout 2011, half in Bergen and the other half in Denmark, on my laptop, in my bedroom mostly and on trains.

released 16 April 2012 by unn records

"I think it is really lovely"
Antony (ISAN)

"loving it"
Lee F. Chapman

"such a beautiful LP"
Mountain Range

"This album is amazing. I think you really have something beautiful here. I can't stop listening"
Mark Dowdel (bandcamps best)

Review by Mark

Pressing Information

Deluxe digipack including a four page booklet with a few of the most significant pictures used as inspiration. With original artwork and discprint by Christian Emil Narvesen. Printed by Mobineko in 100 pieces.


  1. hello day
  2. messy boy's room
  3. barefoot memories
  4. in limbo with you
  5. being 7 and...
  6. growing up I guess
  7. rewind